Find Waldo Local: Aspinwall, PA!

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How do you play Find Waldo Local?

  • Pick-up a Waldo Passport and map of participating businesses at Spark Books.

  • Go to participating businesses and find their hidden Waldo. Once you do, a staff member will stamp your passport.

  • Find 10 Waldos to win an exclusive "I found Waldo" pin and Waldo Bucks.

  • Find all 19 Waldos and the bonus Odlaw hidden at Spark Books to be entered to win grand prizes—gift certificates to local buinesses, Waldo books, and other prizes.

  • Celebrate Find Waldo Local with us with a party on Saturday, August 3 from 11am-1pm for food, drink, activities, and the announcement of the grand prize winners!

Waldo can be found hiding in

each of these businesses:

Screen Shot 2019-07-01 at 9.31.53 PM.png